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An unforgettable experience for the young and the not so young

A family activity not to be missed

A Majestic Environment

Explore the slopes and rocks 1.2 billion years old along the trails that crisscross the two steep banks of the Sainte-Anne-du-Nord, in the Quebec City and Charlevoix region. As you hike through the forest, you will learn more about the park's history, geology, flora, fauna, and other fascinating natural phenomena, as well as the McNicoll family that manages it.

A Waterfalls to Take Your Breath Away

Enjoy a hike that allows you to discover the spectacular waterfalls of Canyon Sainte-Anne, 74 metres high, surpassing Niagara Falls. Sway back and forth on our three suspension bridges up to 60 metres above the abyss! Many observation points allow you to discover different facets of the Sainte-Anne Canyon, literally step-by-step.

An Outing with Your Dog

The groomed trails of the Canyon allow all members of your family to enjoy a nature walk. During your visit, your leashed canine companion can accompany you without problem anywhere in the park.

The Petraminis Adventure

Enter the world of the Petraminis and discover how such tiny creatures have shaped the history of the Canyon Sainte-Anne, this colossus of water and stone. Wander through the paths and help the Petraminis find the colours of the rainbow that was broken by the Giants. Throughout your journey, you will be challenged in this quest by means of a virtual experience on your mobile device. Young and old, come and dive into the origins of the Canyon!