With Your Questionnaire in Hand, the Adventure of the Canyon Discovery Walking Rally Begins!

Transform your hike into an adventure worthy of the great explorers. Alone or in a team. Play with us and learn about the history, geology, wildlife, and flora surrounding this gigantic Canyon.

Pay Attention!

During your hike, observe the environment and find the information panels.
Answer the question correctly and continue your adventure. In total, there are 10 questions to answer.

Enjoy your hike!

Print your questionnaire before your visit!

* Answers to print


Are your teenagers fans of digital adventure? Form your team and participate in the new Digital Rally, Discover the Canyon.

Pay Attention!
Using your cell phone, you must follow the trails to find the information panels and read the QR codes of the Draveur of the Sainte-Anne River to get your question about the wildlife, flora, geology, and the historical and natural environment of the Canyon. Answer the question correctly and receive a clue to continue your adventure.

Will you solve the Draveur’s riddle?