Air Canyon

Secure family fun. You are going to experience our Canadian nature in a new unexpected way!

With Air Canyon, soar above the sheer canyon on a high speed chair ride with a churning river, waterfall and pristine forest far below. Then experience the Via Ferrata by clipping into a cable system and following a scenic circuit across rock formations down to the Giant’s Pothole and alongside a waterfall.

No outdoor experience or high level of fitness is necessary. Both activities are family friendly for children and seniors. The Air Canyon/Giant’s Pothole Via Ferrata combination package is available from early May through mid-October. Each activity can also be bought and done separately. While Air Canyon is only open in spring, summer and autumn, it’s possible to experience the Giant’s Pothole Via Ferrata year round.


Take a seat in a double chair and soar 90 metres (296 ft.) over a spectacular canyon with its 74-metre (243-ft.) waterfall - one third higher than Niagara Falls - and above a churning river and its scenic suspension bridges. With the wind in your hair, reach speeds of up to 50 kph (31 mph). Experience the unique perspective then "fly" back to the docking station to catch your breath, completing a 396-metre (1,300-ft.) “flight”


  • A ride is for two people at a time.
  • A passenger shall comply with all warning and instructions provided by the operations manager. They shall refrain from behaving in any manner that may cause or contribute to the injury of themselves or others. The operations manager may decide to prohibit someone from riding if needed.
  • Food, beverages, glass, or any loose items are prohibited on the ride.
  • It is compulsory to contain hair or clothes in order to prevent them from getting becoming caught in the installation.
  • The double chair is designed to carry only one passenger per seat. Children in arms or babies are not allowed.
  • A passenger must be able to sit properly in the seat and brace themselves adequately against the forces created by the ride.
  • The operator may decide not to allow people to do the activity according to environmental restrictions (lightning, high wind speed, other prohibitive conditions that could harm the passengers or the equipment). A refund will be applicable.

Physical Limitations

A passenger must meet the following physical requirements to be permitted to ride:

  • Passengers must be at least 107cm tall(42’’tall) and fit securely in the restraint systems. Children between 107cm (42‘’) and 120cm (47‘’) must ride with be accompanied by an adult.
  • Maximum weight for two passengers: 205kg (450lb). Maximun weight per passenger is 136kg (300lbs.).
  • Passengers with physical disabilities must be able to sit in a way that allows the restraints to operate properly. All legs must be present to the knee minimum. Prosthetics are not allowed on the ride.
  • People with fear of heights should not ride.

Medical Limitations

Passengers with the following medical conditions should not ride:

  • Expectant mothers
  • Neck or back problems
  • Heart conditions
  • High blood pressure
  • Recovery of a recent surgery
  • Any other condition that they may be aware of that may result in injury or complication

Need to Know About

Air Canyon

  • Comfortably seated, take a deep breath and…soaring above the roaring river and its waterfall surging through the canyon and seeing the Giant Pothole below.
  • It is the first installation of this technology in a natural park in Canada.

The Canyon

  • Activities like forest walks, strolling over the suspension bridges and visiting observation platforms are included in the dual experience.
  • Get excited by the unique views from three suspension bridges up to 60 metres above the abyss.
  • See the forest turn fiery orange and red during autumn.
  • Bring your four-legged friend along – leashed dogs are welcome to stroll the canyon’s groomed nature trails.
  • Many of Canyon Sainte-Anne’s attractions are accessible by wheelchair or a free adapted shuttle.

Via Ferrata

  • Experience Canada’s first Via Ferrata that is open in the winter season.
  • Exploring Canyon Sainte-Anne on the world’s third uninterrupted Via Ferrata - no clipping and unclipping of carabiners is necessary en route as they slide continuously over specially designed clips.
  • Harnesses, helmets and drinking water are supplied for the Via Ferrata experience.
  • Wear closed shoes and bring a camera.
  • For the Via Ferrata in winter, bring warm walking boots, gloves or mittens, cold weather clothing - preferably multiple layers - a nutritious snack, water bottle and small backpack.

A second activity invites you to slip into a harness, strap on a helmet and clip onto a steel cable to explore along a circuit on Canyon Sainte-Anne’s sheer rock walls. Feel and hear the powerful waterfall thundering down the cliff face beside you. Each step along the anchored metal rungs presents heady panoramas of pristine forest, and the wild Sainte-Anne-du-Nord River that carved this gorge and the intriguing Giant’s Pothole geological formation.