The Petraminis invade the Canyon Ste Anne!

Monday 31 August 2015

You have already walked the paths of Canyon Ste.Anne, crossed suspension bridges, but do you know who are responsible for this beauty? Do you know how the Canyon was created? Do you know its guardians? Enter the legend and discover this world of rock and colours.

The legend tells that there are several thousand years ago, the incredible richness of the Canyon gave birth to small creatures made of rock, called Petraminis who became the guardians of the Canyon. But they were not alone. Giants also lived there.
At that time, the world was black and white. That's when seven old Petraminis decided they were tired of this dull world, met to find a solution to this problem: They created the colors of the rainbow in a huge pot. Unfortunately, the elders did not survive…

Come forth and meet the Giants and the Petraminis, the creators of Canyon Sainte-Anne. Walk along the path and help the Petraminis recover the rainbow's colours that were scattered with the help of your faithful smartphone or tablet. An interactive experience that will please people of all ages. This summer, come and dive into the past of Canyon Sainte-Anne and discover its origins!